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Maintain your exterior surfaces with power washing.

Just like you need to clean the inside of your office or building, you also need to clean your exterior surfaces. Regular exterior cleaning is important for preserving your business’ premises and maintaining your operation’s reputation. A building that is covered in mold, dirt, and other buildup will give off a poor impression to customers, employees, suppliers, and others.

Commercial Power Washing in Dallas, Texas

If you’re looking for a commercial power washing partner in the Dallas, Texas area, turn to us at Park Cities Power Wash. We are a premier commercial power washing company known for our excellent workmanship and even better customer service.

We can power wash the durable surfaces surrounding your building. For example, we can power wash your sidewalks, your patios, your parking lot, and your driveways. If you need us to clean another surface that could be damaged by the high pressure of power washing, we can soft wash that surface instead.

Our current commercial clients include a range of office buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, and apartment complexes. We can also clean public spaces and have cleaned Founder’s Plaza and the Dallas County Courts’ buildings. We have the personnel and equipment needed to get the job done around your normal business hours.

Improve your business’ safety and appearance with our proven commercial power washing services. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your next exterior cleaning.