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Regular parking lot cleaning will keep your parking lot looking great and make it safer for those who use it.

If you have a commercial property, government facility, or other entity that serves the public in Dallas, Texas or nearby, there’s a good chance you also have a parking lot where your employees, customers, clients, investors, and other stakeholders can park their cars. Over time, parking lots are subjected to many challenges, especially since they are usually open to the elements, like rain and UV radiation. Heat and cold cause expansion and contraction throughout the year, and the vehicles that come in and out often drip oil and other substances that can make parking lots discolored and slick over time. That’s why scheduling regular parking lot cleaning services is an essential part of your routine building maintenance.

Parking Lot Cleaning in Dallas, Texas

At Park Cities Power Wash, we want to help keep your property or facility looking its best, and parking lot cleaning is one of the many ways we can do that. Regular parking lot cleaning will keep your parking lot looking great and keep it safer for those who use it. Because parking lots are usually made out of durable substances like asphalt, we can often use power washing to clean them, but we also offer soft washing as an alternative. We always make a final determination of the best cleaning method when we evaluate the type and amount of debris present, as well as the kind of surface being cleaned and its current condition.

We have experience providing parking lot cleaning for office buildings, retail shopping centers, restaurants, apartment complexes, government facility complexes, and more. Contact us today to schedule your parking lot cleaning or discuss your other commercial exterior cleaning needs.